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GM Command RF Private Server 2.2.3 & 2.2.4


!chathere = notice chat
#chathere = GM Chat
%move name = move to player
%*ikxxx01/02 = speed cape (02 requires mouse movement)
%moncall monsterID = spawns monster from moblist
%neverdie = godmode
%beggar = drop everything a mob drops
%no beggar = turn off
%matchless = 1shot
%no matchless = off
%transparent = invisible
%no transparent = to go uninvisible (if you port to a town use this)
%god hand = 100% upgrading (no need for gems)

ALT+B                               (Opens observer menu which enables fly/noclip mode.)

/add <USERNAME>                     (Add the user to your player list, only usable in observer mode, must have player targeted when you do it.)
/remove <USERNAME>                  (Remove player from observer list.)
/add                                (Use this command to add a blank button, and being abble to leave the follow mode.)

//Race codes
0 Bellato
1 Cora
2 Accretia

//GM Char Powers

%change                             (NO IDEA YET)
%degree                             (NO IDEA YET)
%clear inven                        (Delete oneself inventory.)
%xyz                                (Give oneself coords.)
%resurrect                          (Resurrect oneself.)
%Set Guild Grade                    (Set oneself guild grade.)
%Set Guild Grade By Name            (Set guild grade.)
%Set Guild Grade By GuildSerial     (Set guild grade.)

%jump                               (Teleport to XYZ coords.)
%pass dungeon                       (Finish oneself entered battle dungeon.)
%lv                                 (Set oneself lvl.)
%transparent                        (Turn ON oneself invisible.)
%no transparent                     (Turn OFF oneself invisible.)
%matchless                          (Turn ON oneself god kill.)
%no matchless                       (Turn OFF oneself god kill.)
%port                               (Teleport oneself to new map.)
%eder                               (Teleport oneself to ether.)
%goto ship                          (Teleport oneself to transportation ship.)
%start holy                         (Start chip war.)
%keeper bye                         (Kill HSK until next CW.)
%start keeper O                     (Make HSK appear, friendly for bellato.)
%start keeper 1                     (Make HSK appear, friendly for cora.)
%start keeper 2                     (Make HSK appear, friendly for accretia.)
%goto stone 0                       (Port you to bellato chip.)
%goto stone 1                       (Port you to cora chip.)
%goto stone 2                       (Port you to accretia chip.)
%kick <USERNAME>                    (Kick player out of game.)
%pass quest                         (Pass oneself obtained quest, and give you reward.)
%charcall <USERNAME>                (Teleport player to you.)
%moncall <MONSTER_ID>               (Summon monster to you.)
%copy <USERNAME>                    (Kicks you out of game, and create a copy of the player char to your account.)
%total                              (Display amount of users online for each race.)
%neverdie                           (Turn ON oneself invincible.)
%no neverdie                        (Turn OFF oneself invincible.)
%* <ITEM_ID>                        (Generate one game item.)
%allskill <123>                     (Set oneself skills level.)
%recallexp <123>                    (Set oneself summoned animus level.)
%monset <ON/OFF>                    (Turn On/Off mobs respawning.)
%show me the dalant <123>           (Give oneself money, or input amount.)
%show me the gold <123>             (Give oneself 500.000 gold, or input amount.)
%full force                         (Set oneself spells to max level.)
%circle                             (Display amount of players near you.)
%min attack point                   (Deal minimum damage of your attack range.)
%max attack point                   (Deal maximum damage of your attack range.)
%normal attack point                (Set damage back to normal.)
%beggar                             (Drop all the targeted mob items, max amount and max items.)
%no beggar                          (Make targeted mob drops normally.)
%god hand                           (Turn ON god upgrade mode.)
%chicken hand                       (Turn OFF god upgrade mode.)
%effect time <123>                  (Set buff duration on oneself, max 9000 seconds.)
%effect clear                       (Remove oneself buffs.)
%fullset                            (NO IDEA YET)
/town                               (Teleport oneself to HQ.)

//Update 5 Commands not tested

%altexp                              (Set oneself EXP.)
%die                                 (Kill oneself.)
%#                                   (NO IDEA YET)
%contribute_p <+/- 123>              (Add CP points to oneself.)
%contribute_m <+/- 123>              (Add PVP points to oneself.)
%stone                               (NO IDEA YET)
%stone bye                           (NO IDEA YET)
%servant                             (NO IDEA YET)
%miracle                             (Sort of healing.)
%fullmiracle                         (Sort of healing.)
%threeseven  war                     (Drop 5 strange bags.)
%dfgrace                             (NO IDEA YET)
%recallattack                        (NO IDEA YET)
%allskillpt                          (NO IDEA YET)
%createfield                         (NO IDEA YET)
%destroyfield                        (NO IDEA YET)
%regenstone                          (NO IDEA YET)
%destroystone                        (NO IDEA YET)
%takestone                           (NO IDEA YET)
%getstone                            (NO IDEA YET)
%dropstone                           (NO IDEA YET)
%forcestone                          (NO IDEA YET)
%checkgoal                           (NO IDEA YET)
%recvschedule                        (NO IDEA YET)
%recvbattleinfo                      (NO IDEA YET)
%recvtotalguildrank                  (NO IDEA YET)
%recvpvpguildrank                    (NO IDEA YET)
%changetaxrate                       (Change tax rate.)
%amp-set                             (NO IDEA YET)
%amp-full                            (NO IDEA YET)
%servertime                          (Display server uptime.)
%partycall <USERNAME>                (Call whole player party to oneself.)
%guildcall <USERNAME>                (Call whole player guild to oneself.)
%cashamount                          (Cash shop related.)
%csbuy <ITEM_ID>                     (Buy cash shop item.)
%primium classevent                  (NO IDEA YET)
%takeholymental                      (Give Holymental to oneself.)
%BossMe                              (NO IDEA YET)
%MasterMe                            (NO IDEA YET)
%altlv                               (NO IDEA YET)
%OneHourAfter                        (Starts fake CW Counter.)
%recalllv                            (NO IDEA YET)
%AniPow                              (NO IDEA YET)
%AfterEff                            (Give Nuclear Debuff Effect to oneself.)
%removesfdelay                       (NO IDEA YET)
%exception                           (NO IDEA YET)

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RF Scarlet Up 2 mei jam 6
- Rate server
max lv 65
EXP 9000x
ANI 90000x
Drop 20x
CPT 5x
10 New monster
Balance Server
No Over Power Donate
= New Player
Free cpt 50.000
Free Cupon Farm
Free Jade Talk
- NPC List
Cash Shop
Armor 35 - 65 Rare B
Armor Donate 65
Weapon 35 - 65 Rare B
Weapon donate 65
Elemental Donate
Full Cash Shop
- Drop List
young flem Elemental Perfect 30/30 30/25
flem Red Chip (farming low)
Assassin builder B Booster 50
New Monster (middle sette) Aiming Booster grade 99
Bulky Lunker GP +1K
Giant Baba Leon 40 med
New Monster Caliana Neckle(Farm High)
Belphegor Box elemental HDH
Beast Mountain
Jewel cube Mau Blessing
Outcast Land
Naroom Captain All rune
Kukra Captain Armor donate slot random
New Monster Coupon (Farm High)
New Monster Weapon Donate slot random
Web :
Register : Building
Patch : Comming Soon

Saipul Akbar mengatakan...

Full Pvp Server

• Web : Comingsoon
• patch : Is Building
• Fanspage & list event :

• Max Level 66
• Exp x6000
• Animus x60000
• Drop x30
• PT skill Force GM
• Quest 50.56 OFF
• Max Upgrade +7 ( Donation & non Donation )
• Guild Honor ON
• sistem PVP Drop
• Save Zone Elf land
• Fix Animus Trap MAU
• High Rate Upgrade Item
• Balance Damage and Defense
• No Over Acuraccy and Avoidance
• No Over Damage and Deff Donation
• RSHIELD Zone Protector
• GM fast respond & Friendly

New Character Reward :
• Premium Service
• CN 50 pcs
• 100.000 PVP Point ( Lvl 40 Relog )
• GP 30K 10pcs

HQ :
• Portal PitBoss
• Weapon Rare B 35-60 +6 slot 7
• Armor Rare B 35-60 +6 slot 7
• Shield Rare B 35-60 +6 slot 7
• Armor Council 65 slot 6
• Weapon Medium Lv 65 +6 slot 7
• Armor Medium Lv 65 + 6 slot 7
• Elemental Medium & High
• Shield Magnum Lv 65 +6 slot 7

Sette :
• NPC Chas shop
• Ammo Spec 3000 & Excelsiar A/B/C ( Black , Yellow , White )
• Tower & Trap 60 65
• NPC Boster Magnum
• NPC Talick & T5

Ether (White Hole) :
• Armor Magnum lvl 65 +6 slot 7
• Shield Donation Magnum 65 + 6 slot 7

• Weapon Magnum lvl 65 +7

Drop List Information :

• Young Flem : Elemental Perfect
• Wing : Legacy Blade
• Flem : Pil Recovery Experience 100%
• Calliana Ether : Crystal Talic
• Draco Hatchling : Advanced Booster Lv.50
• Giant Baba : Leon Medium lvl 50
• Hoom Baba : GP 1000 - 2000
• Granite Block : Mau Blessing
• Jewerly Cube : Pot Anti Scare/Stigma Lv 3,Dual OD, GP 15.000
• Cremul Snatcher Captain : Aiming Booster Part Box
• Kukra Vafer Captain : Blood Booster Part Box
• Naroom Crawler Captain : Aiming Blood boster 50 Grade GP 15.000
• Mini HSK : Jade Of Vitality, Roast Potato-cofee 70% , GP +30000
• Metal Elf berseker : Caliana Nickleace ( CN )
• Kukra Elf Commander : PVP Point Random
• Cremul Elf Commander : PVP Point Random
• Wing Box : Leon lvl 40 High , Jade Of Comunication 12 Hours
• PB Markas : All Rune
• PB Belphegor : Leon lvl 55 high , GP 30000
• PB Elan : Leon Lvl 40 High , Cristmas Shock
• PB Ring Leader : Boster Magnum , GP 30000
• PB Izen : Weapon Magnum GP 30000
• PB Thor : Armor Magnum , GP 30000
• PB Jetso : Elemental Magnum GP 30000
• PB Golden Pig : Cristmas shock , All Rune
• Chip : TP CALL REVIVAL , potongan snow pray ,GP 30.000
• HSK : Weapon Magnum , Elemental Magnum ,Armor Magnum